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Real-time eye state detection system using haar cascade classifier and circular hough transform

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This paper proposes an eye state detection system using Haar Cascade Classifier and Circular Hough Transform. Our proposed system first detects the face and then the eyes using Haar Cascade Classifiers, which differentiate between opened and closed eyes. Circular Hough Transform (CHT) is used to detect the circular shape of the eye and make sure that the eye is detected correctly by the classifiers. The accuracy of the eye detection is 98.56% on our database which contains 2856 images for opened eye and 2384 images for closed eye. The system works on several stages and is fully automatic. The eye state detection system was tested by several people, and the accuracy of the proposed system is 96.96%.

Published in: 2016 IEEE 5th Global Conference on Consumer Electronics
DOI: 10.1109/GCCE.2016.7800424