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Current technology such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) provides an efficient way for Real-Time Location System (RTLS). This study proposes a BLE-based Real-Time Location System that utilizes Smartphone and NoSQL database as gateway and data storage respectively. Firstly, we develop a smartphone-based tracking app to gather the location of employees. Secondly, the generated sensor data from gateway is then stored into NoSQL MongoDB. The proposed system was tested for monitoring the movement of employees in the workplace. The results showed that commercial versions of the BLE-based device and the proposed system are sufficiently efficient for RTLS. Furthermore, proposed system is capable of processing a massive input/output of sensor data efficiently when the number of BLE-based devices and users increases.

Published in: BDIOT 2018 Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on Big Data and Internet of Things, ACM New York, NY, USA ©2018
DOI: 10.1145/3289430.3289470