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Now days, customer’s health awareness is of extreme significance. Food can become contaminated at any point during production, distribution and preparation. Therefore, it is of key importance for the perishable food supply chain to monitor the food quality and safety. Traceability system offers complete food information and therefore, it guarantees food quality and safety. The current study postulates a low cost IoT-based traceability system that utilized RFID and smartphone-based sensors. The RFID handheld reader based on smartphone is utilized to track and trace product information. In addition the smartphone-based sensor is used to measure temperature, humidity, and location (based on GPS sensor) during storage and transportation. The proposed system was verified for kimchi supply chain in Korea, and revealed significant benefits to managers as well as customers by providing the real-time location as well as complete temperature and humidity history. The results displayed that compared to the traditional methods, the proposed system is capable of tracking products as well as processing an immense input of sensor data efficiently and effectively.