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Development of Disease Prediction Model Based on Ensemble Learning Approach for Diabetes and Hypertension

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Early diseases prediction plays an important role for improving healthcare quality and can help individuals avoid dangerous health situations before it is too late. This paper proposes a disease prediction model (DPM) to provide an early prediction for type 2 diabetes and hypertension based on individual’s risk factors data. The proposed DPM consists of isolation forest (iForest) based outlier detection method to remove outlier data, synthetic minority oversampling technique tomek link (SMOTETomek) to balance data distribution, and ensemble approach to predict the diseases. Four datasets were utilized to build the model and extract the most significant risks factors. The results showed that the proposed DPM achieved highest accuracy when compared to other models and previous studies. We also developed a mobile application to provide the practical application of the proposed DPM. The developed mobile application gathers risk factor data and send it to a remote server, so that an individual’s current condition can be diagnosed with the proposed DPM. The prediction result is then sent back to the mobile application; thus, immediate and appropriate action can be taken to reduce and prevent individual’s risks once unexpected health situations occur (i.e., type 2 diabetes and/or hypertension) at early stages.

Published in: IEEE Access
DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2019.2945129